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Helping You Build a Solid Foundation for Your Business.

Experience can be a great teacher.  But not everyone wants to put their business through the School of Hard Knocks.  Let us help you ground your business on a strong foundation, including a well-chosen organizational structure, solid contracts, and sure representation.

Organizational Structure.  Contracts.  Representation.

Structure.  Put your business on a solid footing.  Proprietorships. Partnerships. Limited Liability Companies. Corporations.  The right choice for your situation can facilitate your growth, can cut your risks and tax liability.

Contracts.  Misunderstandings can arise even between even the most artful communicators.  Back up your business relationships with solid contracts so that differing expectations and assumptions don't come back to haunt you.

Representation.  When you are in need, you'll want to be able to call on someone you can trust.  Who knows you.  Who's been there. (Click here for Statement of Practice and Biography.)  This is the time to start building such a relationship.  We're ready.

Take The First Step.  Contact Us Today.

Our law offices are conveniently located between downtown St. Paul and Minneapolis in a comfortable neighborhood with ample, free parking.  Call or Email for an appointment today!

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Ferdinand Peters Law Offices
Lakes and Plains Office Building
842 Raymond Ave, Suite 201
St. Paul MN 55114
(651) 647-6250 Phone
(651) 251-1183 FAX

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